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Marcus  Dent
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Principal's Corner


Dear Parents:  


      It is a pleasure to compose this greeting and officially introduce myself to you and the wonderful community here in the Alexander City School System. I began my career in education as an Elementary school teacher 20 years ago.  

      Embarking upon the field of education has allowed me to continue my life-long love of learning. However, that love of learning is not limited to instruction. 

I feel that it is my responsibility as an educator, adult, husband, Christian, and father to also teach children the way they should go and when they are old they will not depart from it. As educators, we prepare children to be productive citizens and we shape the world to come. That is why my passion and focus is on teaching and learning. 

The first 9 years of my career were spent in the elementary field as a general education and alternative teacher. I began my 10th year of teaching as a special education/alternative teacher and spent 6 years in that area. 

After working as a special education teacher for children with multiple-disabilities, and alternative behaviors, I transitioned into administration where I was employed as a high school assistant principal and athletic director. 

 After one year as assistant principal at the secondary level, I returned to elementary education as principal. After four years as elementary principal in another school system, I moved here to Alexander City to take part in the wonderful vision that Dr. Keith Lankford has for the Alexander City School System. 

Our mission here in the Alexander City school system and at William Radney Elementary is the provide a safe and inviting learning environment with high expectations for ALL, while focusing on the development of the whole child – academically, socially, emotionally, and physically. 

Each and every day I pledge to lead W.L. Radney in a direction that is conducive to a growth mindset both for students and faculty. However, I also charge you as parents, stakeholders, and community members to also join me in my quest to close all gaps that are counter-productive to the learning process. 

It will take partnership, and investment to ensure that we are successful in our mission. With support from the district, stakeholders, and community, I plan to lead Radney Elementary to even higher heights than it has achieved before. 

Lastly, I would like to thank everyone reading this for your time, interest, support, and investment in ensuring that our students receive opportunity to grow, learn, and succeed. The quickest way to failure is to take the journey alone. This is why I cannot say enough about support, it is paramount! 

I look forward to years of successful partnership that will help manifest our vision.   

God bless, 

Principal Marcus Dent, EdS